This is Firecracker 50 Update #3. The other two were sent on May 4 and May 15.

When we announced that the Firecracker 50 would not take place this year, we mentioned the possibility of a virtual concept. It’s taken some time to create a solution that’s athletically worthy of having the name “Firecracker” and that also embraces the stewardship ethos of the Breckenridge community.
We’re ready to announce the concept but first some background:

At first, we REALLY wanted to launch a Strava-based Individual Time Trial (ITT) which used specific segments of the course. We wanted at least something “Vactual”. But bringing more riders to town for an on-the-ground event presents unique challenges.
To begin with, this relatively unstructured concept is new to those that issue permits and time was needed to vet the idea. The Firecracker brings a lot of people and our land management partners are concerned about impact to other users. In addition, the Town of Breck has specifically asked us to NOT promote anything on the 4th to help keep visitation manageable. I know, that’s a weird message from a resort-based community. Given the circumstances with COVID-19, we think that it’s the right message.

We did successfully test the format last week with a local Summit Mt. Challenge race which helped move the conversation forward. So while we’re not ready to launch an on-the-ground component, we may still get there. If we can have a real Firecracker-esque experience, even if it’s self-guided, your entry into the two virtual components described below will include this as added value.

So nothing hardwired in Breck. At least not yet.

2020 marks the 20th anniversary of the world’s best 50-miler. Come hell or high water, we’re going to find a way to celebrate the occasion. So here’s what we have for you;

VF50 Firecracker in Place (FIP)
Ride 50 Miles in one day, on a mountain bike, anywhere, between June 1 and September 30 (yes backdating accepted)! That’s a worthy goal no matter where you choose to do it. You’ll receive a sweet 20th anniversary tee and the usual amazing socks from DeFeet.

VF50 1000-mile Challenge
Ride 1000 miles on a mountain bike between June 1 and September 30 (you can backdate your miles!).
Why 1000 miles? Because this is the 20th year of the Firecracker! And 20 years x 50 miles is…1000!
You’ll receive a special 1000-miler commemorative T-shirt, DeFeet socks, and a winter-long reason to ride the couch and watch every episode of Outlander…again!

Where do you register?
Hang on now! It’s really close but not quite ready.
We’ll send out another email within the next day or so.
And that email will include a link to a website that will explain how this is going to work.

For now, I wish all of you a Happy 4th of July wherever you may be and look forward to seeing you…virtually or in-person!

Vactually yours,
Jeff Westcott