July 27, 2022


Greetings and welcome to 2022 Summit Mt. Challenge Series and Race #4, the Copper Mt. Melee’.

Registration is LIVE!

All race details and information can be found HERE!

But first, here’s some news.

The Summit Mt. Challenge Series is now under the operation of the Town of Breckenridge.


Yes, you read that correctly.
The Breckenridge Recreation Department, and their very capable staff, have assumed ownership and control of this iconic series.

Maverick Sports will be on hand for at least 5 years to provide Timing, Results, Institutional Knowledge and Support.
In other words, the series will look, feel, sound and ride the same way it always has; Awesomely!

In fact, if you hadn’t read this, or noticed that registration was via the Town, you might not even notice the change.
And that’s exactly what we want!

From the Maverick Sports crew we thank each and every one of you for being such great participants over the years. It has truly been an honor to produce this series for 20 years.

So, here’s a salute to 2022 and the new operator of the Summit Mt. Challenge!


1 Big Loop then 2 Small Loops=16.4 Miles
5:45 Pro Open Men, Expert Men 19-39, 40-49, Junior Expert Boys 16-18
5:46 Expert Men 50+, Singlespeed Men
5:48  Pro Open Women, Expert + Singlespeed Women (all one category), Junior Expert Girls 16-18

1 Big Loop then 1 Small Loop=11.6 Miles
5:50 Sport Men 19-34, Junior Sport Boys 16-18
5:51 Sport Men 35-49,Big Bike Open
5:52 Sport Men 50+,Clydesdale, Open Men 60+
5:53 Sport Women, Open Women 45+, Junior Sport Girls 16-18

1 Big Loop=6.8 Miles
5:55 Junior Boys 13-15, Beginner Men
5:56 Junior Girls 13-15, Beginner Women

2 KIDS’ Course Loops=3.2 Miles
5:57 Junior Boys 11-12
5:58 Junior Girls 11-12

1 KIDS’ Course Loop=1.6 Miles (trust me this is plenty)
5:59 Junior Boys 10 & Under
6:00 Junior Girls 10 & Under