The information below was sent via email on May 4 to all registered racers and the entire F50 Email List.
I hope everyone has been able to remain safe and healthy during the past several weeks. It’s been a wild ride and an experience we’ll all remember, yet would rather forget.
When the shutdown occurred, we identified May 1st as the date when “more would be revealed”. That has come true to some degree and there is still some uncertainty. So, here is a peek into our thought process regarding this year’s Firecracker 50.

Please know that the health/safety of you and your family is our MOST IMPORTANT concern.

The Summit County Department of Public Health’s Roadmap to Recovery lays out specific timelines and allowable group sizes. Even in a best-case scenario the Firecracker, if held on July 4, would be…well…different this year. Phase 3 of the Roadmap to Recovery limits;

  • Gatherings of up to 250 people.
  • 6 ft. Social Distancing

It got me thinking what the Firecracker is all about? There are so many variables that have shaped the Firecracker and contributed to its legacy; the date itself, the Parade, the Course, the fact that you are rarely alone out there, the Aid Stations, the Volunteers, Carter Park and the glaring absence of cell phones as people actually talk to each other!  And of course, the thousands of racers who have supported the race over the years and helped it to become a staple on the Colorado racing calendar.
Remove any one of those things and maybe, just maybe, it’s a different experience; “not the Firecracker”?

Now, these are crazy times and the “new normal” is here. And with that comes a new landscape to navigate. I get that. And I also “get” that contriving an event can have unintended consequences both positive and negative.

So, you may think I’ve just built an argument for a cancellation or at least a postponement. I’m not ready to “go there” yet. The word on the street is this…”let people know what you’re thinking and hold off on any major announcements for a couple more days”. Things are changing daily and there are some meetings happening locally in the next couple of days that may chart our course.

Here’s the deal. Regardless of any new information in the next few days, June 1st is the “Go/No Go” date. We will not string this out any longer than June 1 and we may announce sooner.

Option 1-July 4th in an amended format
Option 2-postpone to a date later in the summer
Option 3-cancel and go in 2021

That’s it for Firecracker specific info. Thank you for reading and enjoy the spring!
Please read on for info from Uriell Carlson of Innerwild Nutrition.

Jeff Westcott