SODA CREEK SCRAMBLE/aka Swan River Rampage
July 28, 2021


Race #4, the Soda Creek Scramble, is set for August 11-12, 2020.

The idea for this course was conceived a few years ago by Matt Fackler. Matt and I worked together at Cafe Alpine (now Ember) in the late 90’s. Ask Matt about the time we went to Moab and my muffler fell off my 1984 Volvo 245 Turbo wagon!
When the Galena to ZL piece was finished Matt started bending my ear about a point-to-point from Good Times to the Wellington Neighborhood. While this course doesn’t come up and over the GH (that stands for Golden Horseshoe) it is a good start toward that eventual layout.
Matt and TJ Messerchmitt are owners of Relish and Fatty’s restaurants. 
They are incredible supporters of MTB Junior League and they donate prizes. Not only that, they let us use the dishwasher at Relish for Firecracker 50 water bottle washing.
Please consider patronizing their restaurants!
These two guys are cyclists! Let them know how much you appreciate their support!

For those of you familiar with the Soda Creek courses the first thing you’re going to see is that this is not even close to Soda Creek. In fact, the course is on the OTHER side of Tiger Road. In fact, it would be more appropriate to call it the Swan River Rampage.
We figured it’d be best to keep the name the same and just give you a heads up!

This is a Strava-based multi-segment Time Trial.
This race is point-to-point with timed and non-timed sections. Please acquaint yourself with the course layout per your category.
We are also offering a two-stage ENDURO ONLY option.
Each segment will have a “Segment Start” and “Segment Finish” sign.
The course will be marked and ready by 5:00pm on Tuesday August 11.
Course will be closed at 8:00pm on Wednesday August 12
NO NIGHT RIDING ALLOWED (safety reasons)

People have been asking me about this format. Here’s what I tell them:
“It’s the closest thing to a group ride…yet it’s a race!
Head out with a few of your friends…hit the Start sign for the 1st segment and it’s everyone for themselves! Gather up after the finish of that segment…chat it up as you Transfer to the next. And so on…
It’s really ‘how we ride’…”

I’ve also heard from some folks who love the flexibility schedule-wise.

Why the multi-segment format instead of one long course? Because doing a Time Trial for too long isn’t athletically appropriate. Even Tour de France racers only Time Trial for about an hour. 
This format offers a big ride distance-wise with spurts of competition.

**Also, and perhaps more importantly, we’ve been asked by our local land managers to keep the Timed portions out of the “No Wake/Front Country” zones. In other words, since we’re allowed to race for about a 24 hour period they asked for the timed segments to be out away from the densely populated areas. That said, we ask that you ride expecting to encounter other users.

Finally, you must be able to negotiate your way to the Start and back home from the Finish of your course.
This is an unforeseen benefit to the format, in my opinion. You have to know where you’re going and how to get home! For many years I’ve been watching, Self-Sufficiency, one of my favorite tenets of mountain biking, disappear. 
And that applies medically as well. You’re out there on your own (or with a buddy). We’re not there to rescue you! So it’s on you to self-rescue, fix mechanicals, and negotiate the back country. 

Results based on Combined Time for the segments described per each course layout. 

Is this VIRTUAL?
No, not really. Riders will be on a real course. It’s ACTUAL or NATURAL.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Create the segments
  • Mark the course
  • Verify your ride
  • Compile Results by Category
  • Award prizes to Top 3 in each category
  • Compile Overall Standings

Here’s what you do:

  • Register at
  • Have a STRAVA profile (free versions available) and be familiar with how to use it.
  • Ride the segments accurately and in the permissible timeframe (from Tuesday August 11 at 5:00pm to Wednesday August 12 at 8:00pm (NO NIGHT RIDING)
  • Be super cool to other users on the trail system.

All racers will need a STRAVA user profile. There is a free version.
There are two ways to use Strava:
1.  Download the App to your phone.

  • Make sure GPS is enabled
  • Phone is charged
  • Make sure Battery Saving mode is OFF
  • Hit Record…and then hit Start 
  • IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO START, STOP, and RE-START STRAVA for each segment. Just start it once and ride!
  • A rolling start is necessary for accurate timing.
    • Hit “Record” and “Start” before you go past the very 1st Start Segment Sign.
    • Do not stop recording between segments. Just let Strava do its thing.
    • Ride well past the last Finish Segment sign before you hit “Stop”>”Finish”>”Save” (this terminology is Strava-specific. We recognize that those riding with GPS head units have different steps and lingo)
  • Strava will recognize the portion of your ride that matches our Strava Segment and we’ll take it from there.
  1. Use a GPS unit from a company such as Garmin, Suunto, Polar.
  • Ride the course.
  • Upload to Strava after your ride
  • Strava will match your Ride to our Segments and we’ll take it from there.

Enduro Only-
Enduro Female
Enduro Male

ADULT CATEGORIES-Adult racing age is Your Age by September 13, 2020

  • Beginner Men
  • Sport Men 19-34
  • Sport Men 35-49
  • Sport Men 50+
  • Expert Men 19-39
  • Expert Men 40-49
  • Expert Men 50+
  • Pro/Open Men
  • Singlespeed Open Men
  • Clydesdale Men (200lbs) 
  • Big Bike Open-for racers on “Trail” or “Enduro” bikes with minimum 5″ of travel and bikes that weigh at least 30lbs
  • Open Men 60+…an open category
  • Beginner Women
  • Sport Women
  • Expert + Singlespeed Women(One Category)
  • Pro/Open Women
  • Open Women 45+…an open category

JUNIOR CATEGORIES-Junior Racing age is how old you will be on August 26, 2020

  • Junior Boys 10 & Under (15-45 minute course depending on venue)
  • Junior Boys 11-12 (15-45 minute course depending on venue)
  • Junior Boys 13-15 (30-60 minute course depending on venue)
  • Junior Sport Boys 16-18  (For those racing Junior Varsity in High School and/or who are not ready for the Expert distance)
  • Junior Expert Boys 16-18 (For those racing Varsity in High School and/or ready for the Expert distance)
  • Junior Girls 10 & Under (15-45 minute course depending on venue)
  • Junior Girls 11-12 (15-45 minute course depending on venue)
  • Junior Girls 13-15 (30-60 minute course depending on venue)
  • Junior Sport Girls 16-18 (For those racing Junior Varsity in High School and/or who are not ready for the Expert distance)
  • Junior Expert Girls 16-18 (For those racing Varsity in High School and/or ready for the Expert distance)
ONLINE ONLY…click the BikeReg logo

Enduro Only $20
Adult SMC Categories $25
Juniors $20

All racers in the SMC Categories will automatically be included in the Enduro Results…no extra charge!


The FIRST arrow for ALL CATEGORIES is at the easternmost end of the Galena Ditch Trail.
To get there:
From Highway 9 take Tiger Road eastbound
Drive for approximately 5.5 miles to Good Times
Just after Good Times turn right onto South Fork Road
The road crosses the valley floor/dredge piles and turns 90 degrees to the left.
The Galena Ditch Trail is at this 90 degree turn. Look for yellow arrow and 6×6 post here!

Since this race layout is a point-to-point it is possible to drop someone off at the Start.
We do recommend parking at one of these spots and getting a good warm-up by riding eastbound on Tiger Road.
Dredge/Blair Witch Trailhead
Tiger Road ORV Trailhead
Gold Run Road/Tom’s Baby Trailhead


To get there:
Go eastbound on Tiger Rd to Good Times.
Turn right onto South Fork Road and immediately cross over the valley floor/dredge piles.
After only about 100 yards the road turns 90 degrees to the left (east)
At this 90 degree turn, look for the first course marking arrow and the start of the Galena Ditch Trail
XC#! starts right at the beginning of the Galena Ditch Trail

KIDS’ COURSE-for Juniors 10 & Under, 11-12

One XC Segment 
Galena Ditch Westbound 3.8 MILES
XC #1 finishes where Galena Ditch Trail hits Summit Gulch Road. After the “KIDS FINISH” sign Kids turn RIGHT onto Summit Gulch Road and DESCEND to Tiger Road.
You will come out at Tiger Road directly across the street from the Dredge Trailhead


3 XC Segments
2 Enduro Segments

This is an interesting one. Both Enduro segments are part of XC #2. However, you will re-ride them after XC #3. To be clear, during XC #2 you will see the Enduro Start and Finish signs. Don’t worry and keep right on racing. Then, when you finish XC #3, you will be at the Start of Enduro #1. We will be able to see times on the Enduro segments from both trips. We will use your best time for results.

XC #1

Galena Ditch Westbound 3.8 MILES
Entire Length end to end of Galena Ditch Trail. Finish is where Galena Ditch hits Summit Gulch Road
Transfer to XC #2 by turning left/uphill onto Summit Gulch Road. Climb approximately 1/4 mile to ZL Trail

XC #2

ZL Trail going west complete (2015) 4.5 MILES
ZL Trail entire length>Left down Discovery Ridge>Finish where Discovery Ridge hits The Ledge
**Please be aware that there is a road crossing on this segment. PLEASE feather a little brake and take a look both ways!
Transfer to XC #3 by continuing on The Ledge after the Finish sign. Climb to bottom of Traylor Way.

XC #3
Taylor Way Climb (Excuse the typo) .45 MILES
Just remember…it’s only a half mile! After the finish sign you will see arrows about 50 yards straight ahead. These arrows put you back onto ZL for the re-ride section/Enduro Segments.
The Enduro #1 start sign is quite close to the end of the XC#3 climb sign so be aware of that to avoid getting a false start.

Enduro #1
Excelsior .75 MILES

Enduro #1 ends at the bottom of the machine built section of ZL…keep riding ZL, cross the paved road and Enduro #2 starts on other side of pavement.

Enduro #2
SMC4 Enduro #2 .80 MILES
The final portion of ZL from just past the pavement. Left onto Discovery Ridge Trail. Finish at The Ledge

When you get here the second time you’re done!