People have been asking me about this format. Here’s what I tell them:
“It’s the closest thing to a group ride…yet it’s a race!
Head out with a few of your friends…hit the Start sign for the 1st segment and it’s everyone for themselves! Gather up after the finish of that segment…chat it up as you Transfer to the next. And so on…
It’s really ‘how we ride’…except maybe there are some bragging rights on the line!”

I’ve also heard from some folks who love the flexibility schedule-wise.
Why the multi-segment format instead of one long course? Because doing a Time Trial for too long isn’t athletically appropriate. Even Tour de France racers only Time Trial for about an hour. 
This format offers a big ride distance-wise with spurts of competition.

**Also, and perhaps more importantly, we’ve been asked by our local land managers to keep the Timed portions out of the No Wake/Front Country zones. In other words, since we’re allowed to race for about a 24 hour period they asked for the timed segments to be out away from the densely populated areas.

You must be able to negotiate your way to the Start and back to town from the Finish of your course.
Please familiarize yourself.

This race is point-to-point with timed and non-timed sections. There are THREE different course layouts to accommodate all categories! Please acquaint yourself with the course layout per your category.
We are also offering a two-stage ENDURO ONLY option.
Each segment will have a “Segment Start” and “Segment Finish” sign.
The course will be marked and ready by 5:00pm on Tuesday July 28.
Course will be closed at 8:00pm on Wednesday July 29
NO NIGHT RIDING ALLOWED (safety reasons)

Results based on Combined Time for the segments described per each course layout. 

Enduro Only Competitors=2 Enduro Segments
Big Course=2 XC and 2 Enduro Segments
Small Course=1 XC and 2 Enduro Segments
Kids’ Course=1 XC and 1 Enduro Segment

Is this VIRTUAL?
No, not really. Riders will be on a real course. It’s ACTUAL or NATURAL.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Create the segments
  • Mark the course
  • Inform the public what’s going on
  • Verify your ride
  • Compile Results by Category
  • Award prizes to Top 3 in each category
  • Compile Overall Standings

Here’s what you do:

  • Register at
  • Have a STRAVA profile (free versions available) and be familiar with how to use it.
  • Ride the segments accurately and in the permissible timeframe (from Tuesday July 28 at 5:00pm to Wednesday July 29 at 8:00pm (NO NIGHT RIDING)
  • Be super cool to other users on the trail system.

All racers will need a STRAVA user profile. There is a free version.
There are two ways to use Strava:
1.  Download the App to your phone.

  • Make sure GPS is enabled
  • Phone is charged
  • Make sure Battery Saving mode is OFF
  • Hit Record…and then hit Start 
  • IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO START, STOP, and RE-START STRAVA for each segment. Just start it once and ride!
  • A rolling start is necessary for accurate timing.
    • Hit “Record” and “Start” before you go past the very 1st Start Segment Sign.
    • Do not stop recording between segments. Just let Strava do its thing.
    • Ride well past the last Finish Segment sign before you hit “Stop”>”Finish”>”Save” (this terminology is Strava-specific. We recognize that those riding with GPS head units have different steps and lingo)
  • Strava will recognize the portion of your ride that matches our Strava Segment and we’ll take it from there.
  1. Use a GPS unit from a company such as Garmin, Suunto, Polar.
  • Ride the course.
  • Upload to Strava after your ride
  • Strava will match your Ride to our Segments and we’ll take it from there.

Enduro Only-2 Segments
Enduro Female
Enduro Male

ADULT CATEGORIES-Adult racing age is Your Age by September 13, 2020

  • Beginner Men
  • Sport Men 19-34
  • Sport Men 35-49
  • Sport Men 50+
  • Expert Men 19-39
  • Expert Men 40-49
  • Expert Men 50+
  • Pro/Open Men
  • Singlespeed Open Men
  • Clydesdale Men (200lbs) 
  • Big Bike Open-for racers on “Trail” or “Enduro” bikes with minimum 5″ of travel and bikes that weigh at least 30lbs
  • Open Men 60+…an open category
  • Beginner Women
  • Sport Women
  • Expert + Singlespeed Women(One Category)
  • Pro/Open Women
  • Open Women 45+…an open category

JUNIOR CATEGORIES-Junior Racing age is how old you will be on August 26, 2020

  • Junior Boys 10 & Under (15-45 minute course depending on venue)
  • Junior Boys 11-12 (15-45 minute course depending on venue)
  • Junior Boys 13-15 (30-60 minute course depending on venue)
  • Junior Sport Boys 16-18 
  • Junior Expert Boys 16-18 
  • Junior Girls 10 & Under (15-45 minute course depending on venue)
  • Junior Girls 11-12 (15-45 minute course depending on venue)
  • Junior Girls 13-15 (30-60 minute course depending on venue)
  • Junior Sport Girls 16-18 (For those racing Junior Varsity in High School and/or who are not ready for the Expert distance
  • Junior Expert Girls 16-18 (For those racing Varsity in High School and/or ready for the Expert distance)
ONLINE ONLY…click the BikeReg logo

Enduro Only $20
Adult SMC Categories $25
Juniors $20

All racers in the SMC Categories will automatically be included in the Enduro Results…no extra charge!


ATTENTION JUNIORS 10 & Under and Juniors 11-12!!
The KIDS’ course starts at the Bakers Tank Trailhead
Please consult the course description section for more info.
Please consider riding from home if at all possible!

ALL ATHLETES 13 & OLDER your course starts on Sallie Barber Road 
Parking options:
B+B Trailhead
Sallie Barber Trailhead
Stilson Lot
Wellington Bike Park

Please visit for Town of Breck parking info.

First course marking arrow will be on Sallie Barber Road past the gate…just after the creek/curve in the road!


Click the links below for maps of the segments.
The trail will not be marked beyond the finish of your respective course layout. It is each rider’s responsibility to negotiate their way back to town after completing the course.

2 Enduro Segments…feel free to get to the top of Pinball Alley via an alternate route.
2020 SMC3 Enduro #1
From top of Pinball Alley to Bakers Tank
Neutral transfer on Boreas Pass Road to top of Indiana Gulch

2020 SMC3 Enduro #2
From top of Indiana Gulch to open meadow at bottom just before the creek section.

KIDS’ COURSE-Juniors 10 & Under, Juniors 11-12
One XC Segment/One Enduro Segment

2020 SMC3 Kids XC
Start at the Bakers Tank Trailhead
There will be a “Start Segment” sign
Ride Boreas Pass Road for 1.5 miles. THE FIRST YELLOW/BLACK ARROW will be here where you turn off Boreas Pass Road
At that 1.5 mile point turn left and uphill
Turn right onto Bakers Tank Trail and climb
At top of climb stay right at “T” and continue on Bakers Tank Trail
Segment Finish is right before you hit Boreas Pass Road

Transfer to the Enduro Segment by going downhill on Boreas Pass Road 3 miles
2020 SMC3 Kids Enduro
Just before the parking area (where you started the XC segment) look for Aspen Alley on the left.
Aspen Alley is your Enduro Segment.
Aspen Alley will be UNMARKED except for the Segment Start and Finish signs.
The Start Segment sign will be down the trail a short distance at the first right hand turn.
Course ends just above the Sawmill Museum at the bottom of Aspen Alley. 

SMALL COURSE-Juniors 13-15, Junior Sport 16-18, Beginner Men, Beginner Women, Open Men 60+, Open Women 45+, Sport Women
(1 XC Segment, 2 Enduro Segments)

2020 SMC3 XC#1
XC #1
Start at Sallie Barber Trailhead
Sallie Barber Road to Weber Gulch
Left onto Weber Gulch and climb all the way to True Romance
At top of True Romance continue and finish at intersection with Nightmare on Baldy
Neutral Transfer to top of Pinball Alley

2020 SMC3 Enduro #1
Enduro #1
is from top of Pinball Alley to Bakers Tank
Neutral transfer on Boreas Pass Road to top of Indiana Gulch

2020 SMC3 Enduro #2
Enduro #2
is from top of Indiana to open meadow at bottom just before the creek section.
Still feeling strong? Feel free to tackle the Grind…however it will NOT count in the results.
To get back to Breckenridge continue downhill through Spruce Valley Ranch, turn right onto Blue River Trail 
If you miss the turn onto Blue River Trail no worries…just turn right onto Highway 9 and ride approx. 1 mile to town.

BIG COURSE-Pro-Open M+W, Expert M+W, Singlespeed, Clydesdale, Sport Men, Junior Expert, Big Bike Open

2020 SMC3 XC#1
XC #1

Sallie Barber Road to Weber Gulch to True Romance and finish at intersection with Nightmare on Baldy
Neutral Transfer to top of Pinball Alley

2020 SMC3 XC#1
Enduro #1
Top of Pinball Alley>Mt Pride Mine Trail>Bakers Tank Trail…finish at Bakers Tank before intersection with Boreas Pass Rd.
Neutral transfer on Boreas Pass Rd to top of Indiana Gulch

2020 SMC3 Enduro #2
Enduro #2
Indiana Gulch descent. Finish in open meadow at bottom just before the hard left that leads to the Grind.

2020 SMC3 XC #2

This is one segment…Climb the Grind>up and over shoulder of Mt. Argentine> descend Penn Gulch. Finish Line will be just above the last switchback before the Penn Gulch Trailhead parking area.

To get back to Breckenridge (this will be UNMARKED):

Descend further on Penn Gulch Road
At Penn Gulch Trailhead continue descending past houses to next big turn in the road which is a left hander
Look for a phone pole in your vision and a Yellow forest service boundary marker on the right.
Take the singletrack on the right and descend the GNAR to the Blue River Trail
Hard Right onto Blue River Trail and take all the way back to Breck.