August 11, 2021


Welcome to the return of an old favorite!
We raced at Copper for a few years in the late 2000’s and went away from the venue for no particular reason other than the desire to mix things up at that time.
Now, we’re stoked to be back and enjoy a hidden little gem in Summit County.
Copper has constructed a few new pieces of single track that, pending final approval, we hope to use.
For now, you can plan on climbing service road and descending single track. 


ADULT CATEGORIES-Adult racing age is Your Age by September 12, 2021

  • Beginner Men
  • Sport Men 19-34
  • Sport Men 35-49
  • Sport Men 50+
  • Expert Men 19-39
  • Expert Men 40-49
  • Expert Men 50+
  • Pro/Open Men
  • Singlespeed Open Men
  • Clydesdale Men (200lbs) 
  • Big Bike Open-for racers on “Trail” or “Enduro” bikes with minimum 5″ of travel and bikes that weigh at least 30lbs
  • Open Men 60+
  • Beginner Women
  • Sport Women
  • Expert + Singlespeed Women(One Category)
  • Pro/Open Women
  • Open Women 45+

JUNIOR CATEGORIES-Junior Racing age is how old you will be on August 25, 2021

  • Junior Boys 10 & Under (15-45 minute course depending on venue)
  • Junior Boys 11-12 (15-45 minute course depending on venue)
  • Junior Boys 13-15 (30-60 minute course depending on venue)
  • Junior Sport Boys 16-18 
  • Junior Expert Boys 16-18 
  • Junior Girls 10 & Under (15-45 minute course depending on venue)
  • Junior Girls 11-12 (15-45 minute course depending on venue)
  • Junior Girls 13-15 (30-60 minute course depending on venue)
  • Junior Sport Girls 16-18 (For those racing Junior Varsity in High School and/or who are not ready for the Expert distance
  • Junior Expert Girls 16-18 (For those racing Varsity in High School and/or ready for the Expert distance)

Registration and number pickup will be just to the west of Center Village in front of Downhill Dukes.

These parking options will get you really close:
Beeler Lot-closest
Chapel Lot
Ten Mile Lot-Closed for Maintenance


Number Plate Pick-up begins at 4:00pm Exact Location within CENTER VILLAGE to be announed

  • Single Race Entry Fee for races #1-6
    $30 Adults Pre-Registered/$35 for day-of registration
    $25 for Strava Men and Women 19+
    $20 Juniors (even if “Racing Up” into an Adult category)
  • Single Race #7 The Fall Classic, includes Post Race Meal
    $50 Adults 
    $30 Juniors (even if “Racing up” into an Adult category)
    Pre-register online until 6:00pm the night before each race.
    Register on Race Day for $35 beginning at 8:00am by using this Google Form. You can register via your smart phone or computer. If you use this option YOU WILL STILL NEED TO PAY ONSITE.
    If you have a number from a previous race this summer bring it with you. It can be re-used but we need to see it! 
    Simply fill out your info electronically, either ahead of time or on-site, and go directly to the Day-of Registration Line to process payment and receive your number plate.
    We accept Cash, Checks and Credit Cards.

Four sources of info for you depending on your technology, time, patience and attention span.

Course Description
BIG LOOP=6.8 Miles
Start in front Duke’s just to the west of American Eagle chair
Climb 3.6 miles via Ole Mt Road to A Road
Left down Red Tail
Red Tail all the way back to base area

SMALL LOOP-4.6 Miles
Climb 3 miles via Ole Mt Road to A Road
Left down Upper Fawntastic
Ride Upper Fawntastic for 4-5 switchbacks and then bear left onto Elk Alley
Descend Elk Alley. Elk Alley ends and merges with Red Tail (not signed)
Continue on Red Tail to base area

KIDS’ COURSE-1.6 Miles
Climb .8 miles via Ole Mt Road to A Road
Left down Red Tail
Descend Red Tail to base area


1 Big Loop then 2 Small Loops=16.4 Miles
5:45 Pro Open Men, Expert Men 19-39, 40-49, Junior Expert Boys 16-18
5:46 Expert Men 50+, Singlespeed Men
5:48  Pro Open Women, Expert + Singlespeed Women (all one category), Junior Expert Girls 16-18

1 Big Loop then 1 Small Loop=11.6 Miles
5:50 Sport Men 19-34, Junior Sport Boys 16-18
5:51 Sport Men 35-49,Big Bike Open
5:52 Sport Men 50+,Clydesdale, Open Men 60+
5:53 Sport Women, Open Women 45+, Junior Sport Girls 16-18

1 Big Loop=6.8 Miles
5:55 Junior Boys 13-15, Beginner Men
5:56 Junior Girls 13-15, Beginner Women

2 KIDS’ Course Loops=3.2 Miles
5:57 Junior Boys 11-12
5:58 Junior Girls 11-12

1 KIDS’ Course Loop=1.6 Miles (trust me this is plenty)
5:59 Junior Boys 10 & Under
6:00 Junior Girls 10 & Under