BRECK CREST HALF MARATHON & 10K-September 5-6, 2020 (Updated 9.3.20)

UPDATE (9.3.2020)

FOR THE UPDATE FROM 9.3.2020 please see the Course Description section
We have made the difficult decision to alter the format of this year’s Breck Crest. We waited as long as we could to see if the event could be held “normally”. Together with our partners in the Breckenridge community, we have decided to host the event in a MODIFIED FORMAT.

We are taking the lead from our very capable Public Health officials here in Summit County. We are limited to a max gathering size of 10. We are allowed to implement staggered starts. However, we are required to hold for several minutes between waves. That option did not move the needle enough toward a “regular event”. So, we are giving you the choice to head out at a time that works for your schedule over a two day period.
The format is not really virtual. It’s “V-Actual” or hybrid, if you prefer.
You’ll be running on a marked course in a set window of time. If you have friends in the event you could organize a small group and head out together. For every person that has expressed disappointment about the format, I’ve heard from at least one other appreciating the opportunity. 
We’ve been successfully conducting events under this format all summer.
I’m sure many of you are scratching your heads wondering why Summit County is so restrictive. Summit County public health officials have been conservative since the shutdown. In fact, Summit County Guidelines have been more restrictive than state levels in some cases. We’re a busy place and the guidelines are there to protect all of us.
There is a mask ordinance in the downtown core of Breckenridge. You will NOT be required to run with a mask on. That said, we recommend you have one with you at all times in the event that physical distancing is difficult to maintain.

The 2020 Breck Crest will be a Strava-based HALF MARATHON and 10K only; no 23 Mile Trail Marathon this year.
The courses will be marked and ready for racing on Saturday September 5 and Sunday September 6.
Racers will be able to run their course anytime during this two-day period.
Again, to be clear, the courses WILL be marked.
There will NOT be any aid stations on course. All racers will need to self-support.

We will be using Strava for results tracking. 
All racers who wish to appear in the results must have a device capable of uploading their activity to Strava. This can be as simple as using Strava’s smart phone app. Many runners prefer a watch that can be synced to Strava and uploaded upon conclusion.
See the Strava Info section for more detail.
Please understand this decision was not made lightly. We appreciate your support of this iconic Breckenridge event and hope you will still be able to participate.

Please read on for more info!

Jeff Westcott


Online Registration Only
All registrants will receive a Breck Crest Tech Tee.


$50 Half Marathon 
$40 10K 

If you register by August 24th, at 4:00 pm MST, your shirt will be available for pick-up when you get to Breckenridge.
Pick-up opportunities are at:
Mountain Outfitters, 112 S. Ridge St. Breckenridge
Friday September 4 from 3-5 pm
Saturday September 5 from 8-11 am
Sunday September 6 from 8-10 am

If you register AFTER August 24, you will be given two options on how to get your shirt:
1. Local pickup in Breckenridge at a later date
2. Pay an additional $10 to have your shirt sent to you.




Here’s the quick lowdown on Parking:
The parking lot immediately adjacent to the Start/Finish, the TIGER/DREDGE LOT, is now  PAY PARKING. Paid parking begins at 10:00am

  • The first hour is $.50
  • The 1st additional hour is $1.50
  • ​​​​​​​The 2nd additional hour is $2.00
  • The 3rd additional hour is $4.00
  • All Day Rate is $12.00

Available at the Stephen C. West Ice Arena
and the Airport Road Satellite Lot.
These lots have Free Ride bus service to town but not necessarily directly to the Start/Finish


Due to circumstances outside our control, we have been required to modify the course(s) for this year’s event. 

Now don’t worry! The Half Marathon remains largely the same.
The 10K has been changed to an out/back configuration (and I think this is a really good layout).
In a nutshell, the timed segments of both Courses will START and FINISH at the Burro Trailhead. The 10K will be an out and back (to Spruce Creek Road and back).

The Half Marathon will stay on County Road 751/Peak 9 Service Road all the way back to the Burro Trailhead.

Our friends and partners at the Breckenridge Ski Resort tried their hardest to get a variance to Vail Resorts’ company-wide “No Events” policy. Unfortunately they were denied.
This means we are not allowed to use any of the singletrack trails that Breck Ski Resort manages. Please don’t feel “singled” out! It’s not only athletic events! Breck is not hosting any weddings and their summer operations have been modified all summer. We love our relationship with Breck Ski Resort and completely understand the position they are in.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the course(s).

Feel free to email me with any questions.

Looking forward to a great weekend…weather looks to be stellar!


Course marking will be from the Riverwalk Center.
The timed section for both courses will START and FINISH at the Burro Trailhead.
To Get to the Burro Trail (will be marked, this section is not timed):
Start at the Riverwalk Center and run south on paved path next to the Riverwalk Tent and Box Office entrance.
Cross Adams Ave., staying on paved path, and run past 10th Mountain Division Statue.
At S. Park Ave cross over and enter the Village at Breckenridge entrance
Run up the ramp
At top of ramp turn right and run between the buildings
Go just to the left of the white vehicle barrier/gate and turn left into dirt parking area
Run toward the base of the Quicksilver SuperChair and continue uphill on the dirt road to the right of the Quicksilver
Continue uphill on this dirt road to the Burro Trail (approx. 200 yards on your left and through a gap in a buck and rail fence)
There will be a “START” sign here. 
For accurate timing please be sure to have your device Started before you pass the “START” sign.
Conversely, run past the “FINISH” Segment sign before Stopping your device.

10K COURSE MAP and DESCRIPTION (Updated 9.3.20)
2020 Breck Crest 10K Course Map
The 10K is an “out and back” configuration from the beginning of the Burro Trail to Spruce Creek Road and back.
Timing Starts at the entrance to the Burro Trail. There will be a START sign there.
Run Burro Trail 3.1 Miles to Spruce Creek Road 
Reverse direction and return

2020 Breck Crest Half Marathon Course Map
The timed portion of the Half Marathon will be 11.8 miles. To run a total of 13.1 miles begin and finish your activity at the Riverwalk Center. We will pull the timed segment from your total activity.

Stay on the Burro Trail ignoring any smaller spurs. (The Burro Trail is marked with Blue Diamonds)
Run up Burro Trail, ignoring any small spurs to a prominent “T” intersection and turn left (south)
Cross Crystal Creek Road and stay on singletrack.
Burro Trail ends at Spruce Creek Road.
Turn right onto Spruce Creek Road and climb approx. .7 miles 
Turn hard right onto Aqueduct Road
Ignore the Wheeler Trail singletrack option and stay on dirt road
At intersection with Crystal Creek Road turn left and continue climbing
Ignore options and signs to Francie’s Cabin, staying on Crystal Creek Road
Crystal Creek Road intersects with Wheeler Trail singletrack
Turn RIGHT onto Wheeler Trail singletrack and climb to intersection with County Road 751/Peak 9 Service Road
Descend County Road 751 all the way to Beaver Run and the start of the Burro Trail. There will be a “FINISH” sign on the right side of the road and the timed segment ends here


Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Mark the course
  • Verify your run
  • Compile Results by Category
  • Send Tech Tee to you
  • Send Medals  to Top 3 Overall Female and Male 
  • Send Medals to 1st Place in Age Divisions
  • Compile Overall Standings

Here’s what you do:

  • Register at
  • Have a STRAVA profile (free versions available) and be familiar with how to use it.
  • Run the course accurately and in the permissible timeframe (Saturday and Sunday September 5-6, 2020 during daylight hours) at 

All racers will need a STRAVA user profile. There is a free version.
There are two ways to use Strava:
1.  Download the App to your phone.

  • Make sure GPS is enabled
  • Phone is charged
  • Make sure Battery Saving mode is OFF
  • Hit Record…and then hit Start
  • Be sure to hit “Record” and “Start” before you go past the Start Segment Sign. And, conversely, run past the Finish Segment sign before you hit “Stop”>”Finish”>”Save” (this terminology is Strava-specific. We recognize that those riding with GPS head units have different steps and lingo)
  • Strava will recognize the portion of your run that matches our Strava Segment and we’ll take it from there.
  1. Use a GPS unit from a company such as Garmin, Suunto, Polar.
  • Run the segment
  • Upload to Strava after your run
  • Strava will match your run to our Segment and we’ll take it from there.