August 9-Soda Creek Scramble, Race #5 in the Summit Mt. Challenge Series

The authentic Keystone Stables make for a perfect setting for this one! Beautiful views of the Gore Range, a campfire and great food from the Chuck Wagon are all part of the scene…not to mention great singletrack in and around Horseshoe Gulch, Blair Witch and the Colorado Trail!


Whether you race the Summit Mountain Challenge, the Firecracker, 5 peaks or the Imperial Challenge you are in for a great time at a fantastic venue.  Mavsport’s events are the perfect blend of challenge and fun.  There is no better way to get plugged in to the local community and to enjoy what Breckenridge has to offer.  Besides…you just can’t go wrong when a party breaks out at a bike race.

Todd Rankin

Owner Cornerstone Real Estate and Summit County Open Space Advisory Councilmember

WESTY'S BLOG: A View from the Back by Drew Mikita

All great ski movies have some sort of legendary culminating event at the end of the season…If Breck had a ski movie the Imperial Challenge would be our showcase event, and the protagonist would prevail victorious and get the girl!