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How many of you remember the Straight Creek Scramble? We could make an argument that we actually created “Enduro” Racing…but we won’t!
It’s a bit different…a race format that gives you a time for the climb AND a time for the descent…and then puts them both together for an Overall!
Welcome back to one of the coolest formats we’ve ever produced…only this time it’s at Keystone Resort!
Both the uphill and the downhill must be ridden on the SAME BIKE!
All adult categories will start by Wave at River Run and climb to the very top of the Resort via Jackstraw Road. Remember the Uphill Challenge?
We’ll take a finish time for your uphill leg, let you gather up, hydrate, shoot the breeze, talk a little trash, and then send you downhill at 30 second intervals.  The DH start order will be determined by who finished first on the climb, while giving start rights to the obvious fastest descenders in the group.

Results for this race, and points toward the Overall, will be determined by total combined time!

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