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Welcome to the 16th season of Mountain Bike Junior League (for a good story ask me about the program’s original name and the lawsuit we were threatened with…LOL).
Hundreds of kids have come before you and have helped to shape a very unique and rewarding program!
There are no mandatory components to the program.  Prefer to come to the Group Rides and not race? No problem!  Prefer to race and not come to the Group Rides?  Still not a problem!  Prefer to pay the fee just to get a cool jersey and support the program?  Still no problem but at least give it a try will ya?  Mountain Bike Junior League is casual!  It’s fun!  It’s almost free!  The teacher in Mountain Bike Junior League is the environment, the terrain, and the voice inside each of us that tells us the truth!
If you’ve ever wanted to be a mountain biker and just didn’t know how to get into it then you’ve come to the right place. Let us share our passion with you and your family!

Jeff Westcott

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