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Fall Classic

Fall Classic

The Fall Classic has roots...deep dark twisted roots...

It all started in 1984.  Stories abound of mountain goat stoners rolling to a previously agreed upon start line and scratching out a course in the dirt...ceremonies were observed and the race was on!  Some wore helmets, most didn't!  Denim cutoffs were the preferred choice of "chamois".

Over the years, The Fall Classic grew with the times.  It became a part of the Colorado Off Road Points Series and became the first MTB Stage Race...EVER!  There's a story of fresh snow the night before one year and Rishi Grewal breaking trail on the Little French Flume.  Sado-masochist Race Director Mike Zobbe put the Humbug Hill Climb into the event and stories are still told of the yakfest at the finish!

Anyway, The Fall Classic lives!  It is the quintessential grass roots MTB race. Great course, great value, cold beer and guaranteed good weather (maybe).

Thanks for considering The Fall Classic!  This is the last big race in the High Country...who knows, it might even snow the night before!




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